Laparoscopic Complete Mesocolic Excision (Cme) For Colon Cancer: Study Design And Preliminary Outcom


S075 – Bo Feng, MD, Aiguo Lu, MD, Mingliang Wang, MD, Junjun Ma, MD, Minhua Zheng, MD

citation–26 sec
CME with medial access–2:08
procedural video–4:15
technical tips–4:33
Q&A session–7:15

Keyword(s): central vessel ligation, CMA, CME, colon cx, control arm, CR Disease, embryonic anatomy, envelope theory, EPS, Henle trunk, HMA, IMS, injury rate, MCV, mesocolic plane, mesocolon, mesorectum, omental bursa, oncologic surgery, pancreas, PRF, RCS, RPS, SMA, SMV

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