Laparoscopic Common Bile Duct Exploration Versus Intraoperative Sphincterotomy For Management Of Com


S099 – Ahmed A Elgeidie, Mohamed M Elshobary, Yussef E Naeem, Mohamed M Elhemaly, Gamal K Elebeidy

study population–2:00
exclusion criteria–2:27
surgical/endoscopic intervention–2:55
LCBDE technique–3:12
IOES technique–3:35
study outcome–3:59
Q&A session–8:20

Keyword(s): abdominal US, bile weak, biliary surgery, bleeding, cannulation, CBD malignancy, CBDS, cholangitis, choledochotomy, conservative tx, cystic duct, elderly, endoscopic intervention, ERCP, exclusion criteria, failure rate, flexible choledochoscope, fluoroscopic guidance, GS pancreatitis, guidewire, IOC, IOES, jaundice, lap CBDE, lap technique, laparoscopy, LC, left lateral position, LOS, minimally invasive, mortality, MRCP, op time, open CBDE, open choledocholithotomy, papilla, papillotomy, postop complications, primary closure, prospective randomized trial, secondary endpoints, single-stage approach, sphincterotomy, staged approach, stent placement, stone clearance, stone impaction, success rate, supine, surgical intervention, T tube, transcystic CBDE, transcystic technique, tube drainage, two-stage approach, U.S.

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