Intra-Operative Imaging of the biliary system – Ultrasonography


Presented by Maurice Arregui, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; CBD Stones and Post Graduate Course

US definitions–55 sec
steps in screening for CBDS–3:16
learning curve–10:30

Keyword(s): 10 mm lap probe, 5 mm scope, acoustic caliper, acute cholecystitis, adventicia, ampulla, anatomical variations, artifact, bile duct anomalies, biliary system, bloodflow, caudate lobe, CBDS, cholangiogram, cholangiography, choledochoscopy, cholesterol polyp, color Doppler, cross sectional view, cystic duct, duodenal diverticulus, duodenum, endoscope, frequency, GB cx, GB inspection, hepatic artery, hepato-duodenal ligament, Hz, inter hepatic biliary tree, intra-op imaging, intraabdominal organs, IOC, KHz, lap US, laparoscope, LC, learning curve, liver, longitudinal view, LUS equipment, lymphoma, MHz, mickey mouse view, mucosa, muscarlis, non-shadowing, pancreas, pancreatic cyst, papillotomy, PG course, portal vein, reactive node, real time, repeatable, resolution, senstivity, specificity, sterilization, tissue perfusion, trans-duodenal view, trans-hepatic view, trans-pancreatic view, transducer, transverse view, user dependent, vena cava, villous adenoma

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