Video Author: Arregui M

Closed duodenal duplication cyst involving the major duodenal papilla versus ampullary choledochocele.

Presented by Marius L Calin at the SS28: Top Videos: MIS Potpourri Session at the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting on 3/19/2016 Keyword(s): abdominal ultrasound, abdominal US, ampullary choledochocele, aspiration, bile, biliary duct, Bovie, cannulation, CBD, choledochal cyst, common bile duct, CT, duodenal duplication cyst, duodenal papilla, duodenotomy, endoscopic ultrasound, EUS, ex lap, exploration, exploratory laparotomy, […]

Intra-Operative Imaging of the biliary system – Ultrasonography

Presented by Maurice Arregui, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; CBD Stones and Post Graduate Course US definitions–55 sec steps in screening for CBDS–3:16 advantages–9:04 disadvantages–9:43 learning curve–10:30 conclusion–10:39 Keyword(s): 10 mm lap probe, 5 mm scope, acoustic caliper, acute cholecystitis, adventicia, ampulla, anatomical variations, artifact, bile duct anomalies, biliary system, bloodflow, caudate lobe, CBDS, […]

Laparoscopic Lateral Pancreaticojejunostomy

Presented by Daanish Kazi, DO, SS19 – Videos – HPB (Hepatobiliary and Pancreas): V036 case study–46 sec imaging studies–1:00 ERCP–1:15 port placement–1:47 procedural video–1:57 post-op course–6:11 Keyword(s): balloon catheter, ERCP, JJ, pancreatic duct stent, pancreatic stones, pancreaticojejunostomy, pancreatitis, US

PG Course: Fundamentals of Endoscopic Surgery (FES) – Therapeutic Endoscopy

Maurice Arregui, MD citation–1:05 Keyword(s): ablation, achalasia, ampullectomy, argon beam coagulator, balloon dilatation, Barrx, BE, biliary dyskinesia, biliary stent, biliary surgery, Botox, CBDE, celiac ganglion block, choledochoscope, choledochoscopy, colonoscopy, duodenoscope, electrohydraulic lithotripsy, EMR, endoscopic submucosal resection, endoscopy suite, ERCP, esophageal cx, esophagoscopy, esophagus, EsophX, EUS, FES, flex endo, gastroscope, GEJ, GERD, GIST, hepaticojejunostomy, insulinoma, […]

Inguinal Hernia – Laparoscopic vs. Open Debate: What is the BEST Practice? – No Fixation

Maurice Arregui, M.D. citation–2:24 forces keeping mesh in place–6:42 reasons for recurrence–12:21 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih. Keyword(s): cord lipoma, EBM, GPRVS, groin hernias, hernioplasty, intraabdominal pressure, lap hernia repair, mesh fixation, pantaloon hernia, recurrence, TEP

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