Inguinal Hernia – Laparoscopic vs. Open Debate: What is the BEST Practice? – TEP


Brian Jacob, M.D.

disclosures–35 sec
recipe for success–57 sec
TEP vs TAPP–1:20

Keyword(s): adhesions, asymptomatic, balloon, Bassini repair, bladder injury, chronic pain, incarceration, inguinal hernia repair, inguinodynia, laparoscopy, Lichtenstein, mesh, morbidly obese, op report, peritoneum, Pfannenstiel, post-op pain, prostatectomy, QOL, recurrence, scrotal hernia, Shouldice repair, Shouldice technique, strangulated femoral hernia, tacks, TAPP, TEP, transabdominal technique, trocar site hernia, urinary retention, watchful waiting

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    SAGES Webmaster on Mar 14, 2012
    This talk appeared at the 2011 SAGES Meeting and was selected via a peer review process.

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