Incarcerated Hernias Use Of Mesh In The Acute Setting


Incarcerated Hernias Use Of Mesh In The Acute Setting

Brian Jacob, MD

incarcerated & strangulated hernias–1:10
level of contamination–2:19
clean contaminated–4:02
what does the lit suggest?–4:36
does mesh location matter?–5:39
does mesh material matter?–6:18
synthetic vs biologic mesh–6:27
international hernia collaboration–9:39

Keyword(s): abdominal wall defects, Bard soft mesh, biofilm, biologic grafts, biologic mesh, CDC wound class, Davol, Ethicon, fistula, foreign body reaction, hernia repair, IH, in vivo, incarcerated hernia, international hernia collaboration, LWLP PPM, MRSA, ostomy reversal, Prolene soft, pus, rectorectus space, seroma, SSI, strangulated hernia, synthetic mesh, Ultrapro, umbilical hernia, VHR, wound infection

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