Glucose And Insulin Response To Gtt: A Prospective Comparison Between Roux En Y Gastric Bypass, Vert


S100 – Mitchell S Roslin, MD, FACS, Yuriy Dudiy, MD, Joanne Weiskopf, PA, Paresh C Shah, MD, FACS

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Q&A session–8:00

Keyword(s): alcoholism, BMI, bone density, bowel length, clinical trials, control trials, Covidien, DM, DS, euglycemia, fasting blood glucose levels, glucose challenge, glucose metabolism, glucose response, glycemic index, gold standard, GTT, HbA1c, hunger, hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia, insulin levels, insulin production, insulin resistance, insulin response, insulin surge, intestinal bypass, liquid glucose, liquid oral challenge, malabsorption, medical therapy, metabolic syndrome, morbidity, morbidly obese, nausea, nesidioblastosis, NIPS, physiologic studies, prospective comparison, prospective non-randomized study, pyloric preservation, pyloric valve, reactive hypoglycemia, RYGB, sample size, solid meal challenge, statistically significant, Surgical Endoscopy, valve, VBG, VSG, weight loss, weight regain

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