Functional and oncologic results after intersphincteric proctectomy?


Presented by John H. Marks, MD at the SAGES 2013 Annual Meeting; SAGES/ISLCRS/ASCRS Symposium – Optimizing Outcomes in Rectal Cancer

disclosures–34 sec
lap controversies for proctectomy–51 sec
keys to extending sphincter preservation–2:51
rectal cx selection scheme–3:15
steps of lap pelv

Keyword(s): 3D retraction, algorithm, Allis-Adair clamp, Alternagel, anal canal, anastomotic height, anatomy, anorectal ring, anus, aorta, APR, areolar plane, ASCRS, baby Deaver, cadaver lab, cancer remnant, cephalad, cervix, cGY, chemo, chemoirradiation, clamp placement, clustering, coloanal anastomosis, colostomy, composite groups, constipation, cx level, dairy, defectation, dentate line, distal dissection, distal margin, distal margins, duodenojejunal junction, Dutch study, EBL, EBRT, female, flexible tip scope, fluid, frozen sections, fruit, full fecal incontinence, full thickness, full thickness local excision, functional effects, functional results, gas, hand-sewn coloanal anastomosis, high dose radiation therapy, high ligation, iliac bifurcation, IMA, impalpable scar, IMV, internal sphincter, intersphincteric plane, intersphincteric proctectomy, intersphincteric resection, irrigation, ISLCRS, Konsyl, lap completion rate, lap controversies, lap pelvic dissection, lap resection, lap TATA, lap TME, laparoscope, LAR, levator, lithotomy, local recurrence, local recuurence, Lomotil, LOS, male, Marks/Mohiuddin rectal cancer management program, mesorectum, MIS, mucosa, neoadjuvant therapy, Norwegian study, oncologic results, operative results, organized medicine, oversew, pelvic radiation, pelvis, pneumoperitoneum, posterior dissection, pouch of Douglas, preop irradiation, prolonged defecation, prospective staging, prostate, puborectalis, QOL, radical proctosigmoidectomy, rectal compliance, rectal cx, rectal surgery, rectal wall, rectum, retractor, retroperitoneum, robot, robotic TME, sacral promontory, scissors, selection scheme, seminal vesicles, single port, specimen, sphincter preservation surgery, sphincter sparing, splenic flexure release, spoilage, SPS, staple, stool consistency, stool fragmentation, stool quality, stool urgency, straight coloanal, submucosal, suction, surgical margins, surgical technique, survival, survival rate, Swedish study, TA stapler, TATA extended endoluminal surgery, TATA procedure, training essentials, transanal approach, transfusion, tumor downstaging, tumor level, weight, Zantac

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