Video Institution: Lankenau Medical Center--Wynnewood PA

Long-term Outcomes By Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision (taTME) For Rectal Cancer

Presented by Elizabeth A Myers at the SS25: Colorectal Session during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

True Notes TME Resection with Splenic Flexure Release, High Ligation of IMA, and End to Side Hand Se

TRUE NOTES TME RESECTION WITH SPLENIC FLEXURE RELEASE, HIGH LIGATION OF IMA, AND END TO SIDE HAND SE Nicolas Lopez-Acevedo, MD Grace A Montenegro, MD, Matthew N Johnson, BA, John H Marks, MD; Lankenau Medical Center disclosures–44 sec TATA–47 sec procedural video–1:14 TME–2:10 convergence–3:29 results–5:46 pathology–5:57 conclusion–6:06 Q&A session–6:29 Keyword(s): dentate line, end-to-side hand sewn […]

Major Elective Laparoscopic Colorectal Resections Can Be Performed in 80 to 90 Year-old Patients Wit

MAJOR ELECTIVE LAPAROSCOPIC COLORECTAL RESECTIONS CAN BE PERFORMED IN 80 TO 90 YEAR-OLD PATIENTS WITH LOW MORTALITY AT ONE YEAR AN EXPERIENCE WITH 179 PATIENTS Nicolas Lopez-Acevedo, MD Matthew N Johnson, BA, Austin D Williams, MD, Jessica R Pochedly, MD, Joseph L Frenkel, MD, John H Marks, MD background–48 sec purpose–2:02 methods–2:19 results–2:46 discussion–4:40 conclusion–5:29 […]

Intra-Operative Endoscopic Fluorescence Imaging Bowel Perfusion Setting of Ischemic Colitis

Real-Time Intra-Operative Endoscopic Fluorescence Imaging for Evaluation of Bowel Perfusion in the Setting of Ischemic Colitis Presented by Francisco Quinteros, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Concurrent Session SS1 V002 Sam Atallah, MD, FACS, FASCRS, Francisco Quinteros, MD, Henry Schoonyoung, MD, Beatriz Martin-Perez, MD, Lawna Hunter, BA, Sergio Larach, MD; Florida Hospital Points […]

Functional and oncologic results after intersphincteric proctectomy?

Presented by John H. Marks, MD at the SAGES 2013 Annual Meeting; SAGES/ISLCRS/ASCRS Symposium – Optimizing Outcomes in Rectal Cancer disclosures–34 sec lap controversies for proctectomy–51 sec keys to extending sphincter preservation–2:51 rectal cx selection scheme–3:15 TATA–3:53 TME–9:32 pelvis–9:42 steps of lap pelv Keyword(s): 3D retraction, algorithm, Allis-Adair clamp, Alternagel, anal canal, anastomotic height, anatomy, […]

Update on management of colon cancer

Presented by John H. Marks, MD at the SAGES 2013 Annual Meeting; SAGES/ISLCRS Panel: Colorectal Potpourri disclosures–32 sec topics for discussion–51 sec barriers to lap colon surgery–2:08 animal tumor studies–2:12 COST study group–2:46 http://www. Keyword(s): absolute performance, accountability, accredited cx programs, ACS, adjuvant chemotherapy, adjuvant tx, Affordable Care Act, age, AJCC, American, anatomy oriented […]

Laparoscopic rectal TME with or without Robotic Tools

Presented by John Marks, MD at the SAGES/ISLCRS – MIS Colorectal – Post Graduate Course disclosures–56 sec lap rectal surgery–1:20 rectal surgery challenges–1:44 pelvic geometry–2:30 TME–3:17 MIS approach to TME–5:01 TME lap pelvic dissection steps–5:55 TME stapler applicat Keyword(s): 3D retraction, APR, chemoirradiation, cirucmferential margins, coloanal anastomosis, COST trial, firefly luciferase, health system, holy plane, […]

Endoanal Alternatives – PG: MIS Colorectal Surgery

John Marks, MD disclosures–47 sec MIS approaches to the rectum–53 sec NOTES–1:07 rectal cx management hx–2:54 logic of endoanal approaches–4:17 rectal cx & MIS s Keyword(s): chemoradiation, CR surgery, endoanal, endoanal proctectomy, FTLE, laparoscopy, MIS, neoadjuvant therapy, NOTES, rectal cx, rectum, SILS, TATA, TEM, TME

Single Port: Placement/instrumentation/Limitations – PG: MIS Colorectal Surgery

Harry Papaconstantinou, MD MIS challenges in CR surgery–2:42 Keyword(s): CR surgery, laparoscopic, MIS, robot, SILS

SAGES/JSES – Lower GI Surgery Symposium: IBD

John Marks, M.D. (SAGES) disclosuires–23 sec technical challenges in lap colon surgery–27 sec special aspects of CD surgery–56 sec contraindications to lap approach–1:15 UC–3:01 technical issues–3:23 SILS proctoco Keyword(s): body image, bowel obstruction, CD, cosmesis, CRS, IBD, ileostomy, lap tx, lap-assisted IPAA, laparoscopy, pelvic surgery, pouch failure, SILS, single port proctocolectomy, UC, wound complications, wound […]

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