Endolumenal Foregut: Established and Upcoming Technology – W. Scott Melvin, M.D.


Endolumenal Therapies Session

options for GERD–45 sec
Stretta–2:00 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17321232

Keyword(s): antisecretory drugs, BE, EndoCinch, endoluminal fundoplication, endoluminal therapies, endoscopic gastroplication, endoscopic suturing, EnteryX, esophageal cx, EsophX, Gatekeeper, GERD, HH, LES, medical therapy, Medigus, NDO, Nissen fundoplication, PMMA, PPI, radiofrequency energy, reflux disease, Stretta, TIF, transoral device, transoral endoscopic plication

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