Video Category: Endolumental Therapies Session

EMR and ESD: Techniques, Tips, and Tricks – Daniel von Renteln, M.D.

Endolumenal Therapies Session citations–22 sec indications for endoscopic therapy–1:05 complication management–2:20 Keyword(s): adenocarcinoma, APC, BE, colonic polyps, colorectum, CR polyps, electrosurgical polypectomy, EMR, en bloc resection, endoscopic therapy, epi, ESD, flexible staplers, full thickness resection, gastric adenoma, gastric cx, GI fistulae, HGD, hybridknife, hyperplastic gastric polyp, insulated-tip knives, local recurrence, magnetic-anchor-guided ESD, Maryland […]

Endolumenal Foregut: Established and Upcoming Technology – W. Scott Melvin, M.D.

Endolumenal Therapies Session options for GERD–45 sec Stretta–2:00 Keyword(s): antisecretory drugs, BE, EndoCinch, endoluminal fundoplication, endoluminal therapies, endoscopic gastroplication, endoscopic suturing, EnteryX, esophageal cx, EsophX, Gatekeeper, GERD, HH, LES, medical therapy, Medigus, NDO, Nissen fundoplication, PMMA, PPI, radiofrequency energy, reflux disease, Stretta, TIF, transoral device, transoral endoscopic plication

Endolumenal Bariatrics: Revisional Techniques – Sergio Roll, M.D.

Endolumenal Therapies Session citation–18 sec endolumenal approaches to bariatric surgery–59 sec stoma/pouch reduction–1:59 citation–2:24 Keyword(s): EndoCinch, endolumenal anastomotic outlet reduction, endolumenal bariatrics, endolumenal tissue anchoring system, endotherapy, FDA, flex endostitch, gastric pouch reduction, incisionless, natural orifice surgery, pouch dilatation, revisional bariatric surgery, revisional techniques, ROSE, RYGB, sclerosant, sodium morrhuate, StomaphyX, weight regain

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