When to Stop Endoscopic Management and Go to the OR


Presented by Ninh Nguyen, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Endoscopic Management of Bariatric Complications

overview–19 sec
acute complications (GI bleeding)–38 sec
acute complications (hematemesis)–1:15
endoscopic tx for hematemesis–1:33
advantages for combined endoscopic/lap management for hematem

Keyword(s): 5 mm assistant port, ABD, abdominal wall, abscess cavity, access, acute complications, advantages, afferent limb, anatomic distortion, anatomic issue, antrum, argon beam coagulator, backward ERCP, biliary tree, bleeder, bleeding, blood clots, blood transfusion, Bougie, bright red blood, buckle erosion, chronic abdominal pain, chronic complications, circumferentially, clipping, combined EGD, combined endoscopic/lap management, crura, CT scan, decompress, decompressed, decompression of clots, degree of bleeding, deploy stent, dilute epinephrine, distal esophagus, distended, diversion of enteral fluids, drain, drainage, electrocautery, endoluminal covering of defect, endoscopic approach, endoscopic grasper, endoscopic management, endoscopic modalities, endoscopic suturing technique, endoscopic therapy, endoscopic tx, endoscopically, endoscopy suite, enterotomy, epinephine injection, esopagojejunostomy, esophageal stent, esophageal transection, esophagectomy, evacuation of blood clots, evaluate, extravasation of contrast, fibriin glue, fistula, fistulous tract, fluid collection, gastric band erosion, gastric outlet obstruction, gastric pouch, gastric remnant, gastric remnant staple-lines, gastroenterologist, gastrojejunal anastomosis, gastrojejunostomy, gastrotomy, GE junction, GI bleeding, guidewire, hand sewn anastomosis, hematemesis, incisura, indicative, inflammatory process, injection of fibrin glue, internal herniation, intraperitoneally, J-tube, jejunal side, jejunojejunostomy, JJ, JJ staple-lines, lap evaluation, lap management for upper GI bleeding, laparoscope, laparoscopic drainage, laparoscopic lysis of adhesions, laparoscopic management of anastomotic bleeding after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, laparoscopy, late complications, lateral gastrotomy, leaks, left lobe of liver, lesser curvature, LLQ, low threshold, lower GI bleeding, lumen, management of leaks, marginal ulcers, maximum medication, melena, mobilization, mouth, non-healing, NSAIDs, obstruction, off-label use, open distal obstruction, operative specimen, outside institution, oversew of staple-lines, patient population, percutaneous drainage, perforate, persistent LUQ abscess, post op, potential bleeding sites, pouch, presentation, primary surgeon, proximal migration of stent, R/O, rapid bleeding, re-established flow of sleeve, re-operating, rectum, retch, risk factor, RLQ, Roux limb, Roux-en-Y reconstruction, saliva, scope, secondary sepsis, site of bleeding, sleeve, sleeve gastrectomy leak, smoking, spleen, staple line, stenting, stomach, stricture, surgical access, swirling, take down, technically difficult, thermal coagulation, total gastrectomy, traction, transgastric laparoscopic approach, truncal vagotomy, twisted sleeve, upper GI study, vessel clip, vomiting, weight loss

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