V003 Laparoscopic longitudinal pancreatico jejunostomy using cystoscope and ercp basket.


Manash Sahoo, Associate, Professor, Anil Kumar, Post, Graduate; Department of Surgery, SCB Medical College

port placement–22 sec

Keyword(s): 18G spinal needle, afferent limb, aspiration, drain, ductal system, endobag, epigastric port, ERCP basket, fibrocalcific pancreatic disease, gastrocolic omentum, Harmonic scalpel, intracorporeal suturing, jejunal limb, jejunotomy, jejunum, lap instruments, Laparoscopic longitudinal pancreaticojejunostomy, left lateral port, Ligament of Treitz, linear cutter, monofilament suture, pancreas, pancreatic duct, pancreatic stones, peripancreatic fat, peritoneal cavity, port placement, scope, Silk suture, stomach

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