Using Functional Lumen Imaging Probe to Assess the Effect of Variable Myotomy Length


Using a Functional Lumen Imaging Probe to Assess the Effect of Variable Myotomy Lenght During Poem and Heller

Presented by Ezra N Teitelbaum, MD, at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Concurrent Session SS17 V039

Ezra N Teitelbaum, MD, Nathaniel J Soper, MD, Eric S Hungness, MD; Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Points of interest:
Video of endoscopy–44 sec
POEM video–1:25
confirmation of tunnel progression–2:39
1st FLIP intraoperative measurement–2:55
testing differential proximal mytomy length–3:2

Keyword(s): 5mm intervals, achalasia, adherent, adjunct, anterior esophageal wall, aperistalsis, baseline distensibility, blund dissection, cephalad, circular muscle layer, clip closure, complete esophageal mobilization, confirm tunnel progression, differential proximal myotomy lengths, differential proximal mytomy length, distal extension, distal extent of tunnel, Dor fundoplication, dye solution, dysphagia, EGJ distensibility, EJG, electrocautery, endoscopy, esophagogastric junction distensibility changes, esophagram, esophagus, FLIP catheter, FLIP measurement, fluid bleb, gastric mucosa, HPI, hydrodissection, impedence planimetry, indigo carmine, injection, intraballoon pressure, intraoperative, irrigate, laparoscopic Heller myotomy, long proximal myotomy, longitudinal mucosotomy, luminal diameter, manometry, minimum CSA, mucosal layers, muscle, myotomy segment, NaCl, objective measure, optimal proximal myotomy length, pathologically low, peristalsis, physiological effect of variable myotomy lengths, POEM, pre-myotomy, primary outcome measure of distensibility, probe, proximal component, proximal extension, real-time evaluation, regurgitation, retained contrast column, retroflex view, salin, short proximal myotomy, stomach, submucosa, submucosal areolar tissue, submucosal space, submucosal tunnel, superior outcomes, triangle tip electrocautery knife, tunnel creation, variably inflated balloon

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