Twisted and Backwards: Laparoscopic Ladd’s Procedure in a Patient with Malrotation


Twisted and Backwards: Laparoscopic Ladd’s Procedure in a Patient with Malrotation, Situs Inversus and Preduodenal Portal Vein

Presented by Benjamin R Biteman at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Concurrent Session SS3 Video 2

Benjamin R Biteman, MD, MS, Todd Ponksy, MD, FACS, Amelia Dorsey, MD; Akron Children’s Hospital

Points of interest:
Situs inversus explained–12 sec
controversy regarding tx–1:10
preduodenal portal vein description–1:34
case study–1:53
abdominal x-ray–2:38
upper GI–2:47
small bowel f

Keyword(s): ABD discomfort, abdominal situs inversus, abdominal x-ray, abdormal duodenal sweep, abnormal anatomy, activity level returned to normal, advanced to regular diet, anatomical non-obstruction, anomaly, appendectomy, appendix, asymptomatic, base of liver, bilious emesis, bloody emesis, case study, cecal colonic loop, cecum, children, chronic obstruction, complication rate, congenital anomalies, congenital condition, controversial, counterclockwise derotation of midgut volvulus, counterclockwise rotation, death, decreased post-op LOS, decreased rates of post-op SBO, decreased time to starting feeds, decreased wound infections, developmental delay, dextrocardia, diagnosis, dilated, dilated loops, discharged home POD 4, discussion, division of adhesions, division of Ladds bands, Dr. William Ladd, duodenal jejunal loop, duodenum, electrocautery, engorged, entrance into the ABD, extensive adhesiolysis, extensive hand over hand reduction of SB, extensive peritoneal attachments, extracorporealized, failure to thrive, fever, fundamental abnormalities, gaining weight, gallbladder, gastresophageal reflux, GERD, heterotaxy, high intestinal obstruction, HPI, imagin, indications for surgery, infants, inferior wall of gallbladder, initial evaluation, intermittent obstruction, interrupted IVC, intestinal malrotation, laparoscopic Ladds procedure, laparoscopic vs open Ladds procedure, large bowel, large vessels, left sided colon, ligated, ligation, literature, long-term complications, loops of small bowel, LUQ, LUQ bowel congestion, major visceral organs, male, malrotation, McBurneys point pain, mesenteric base, mesentery, method, midgut volvulus, midline, midline liver, mobilization of duodenum, mobilization of right colon, Nissan Fundoplication, nocturnal bilious emesis, non-bilious emesis, non-inflamed, non-operative management, non-specific, normal thoracic situs, patient outcome, pediatric surgery, persistent reflux symptoms, PMH, POD 2, preduodenal portal vein, pylorus, rates of volvulus, reduction of small bowel, redunancy and kinking of SB, regular diet, right-sided stomach, RLQ, SB congestion, seal, situs inversus, situs solitus, SMA, small bowel follow through, spleen, stage II intestinal development, straightening of the duodenum, surrounding structures, suture ligation, Tx, upper GI, vascular congestion, volvulus, vomiting, weight loss, X-linked genetic recessive component

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