The History of SAGES: The Beginning


As presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting, this 30 minute film goes into great detail about the founding and early years of SAGES history and includes interviews with Dr. Gerry Marks, Dr. Ken Forde and many, many others.

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SAGES Member Discussion

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    on Nov 14, 2016
    Anna Dietrich-Covington RN, BSN, CBN and Care Coordinator for Dr. Bruce Schirmer shared her kind words about "A History of SAGES."
    This film brought tears to my eyes, listening to this wonderful tribute to all of the pioneers of SAGES. I have been so fortunate and proud being able to work with Bruce Schirmer as his RN Care Coordinator and have had the privilege and honor to be a member of SAGES. I have had the privilege and honor to befriend Dr. Berci and his dear wife Barbara. I had the opportunity to visit Dr Marks at Jefferson to learn how to assist with colonoscopies. Dr. Greene extended an invitation to me to write a chapter in one of his textbooks - a wow moment - and I shared the stage several times during the Sing Off.

    Yes, SAGES is a family. You see it and more importantly, feel it. Thank you SAGES for providing this nurse a venue for learning, opportunities and yes, participating in the annual Sing off. I am retiring after 32 years at the University of Virginia Medical Center. I will truly miss being part of this organization!!

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