The Future of Surgery – a Perspective from the Department of Defense


Presented by Richard M. Satava, MD at the SAGES 2013 Annual Meeting; Multidisciplinary Future of Surgery

why energy systems, imaging & robotics?–3:30
intelligent instruments–7:25
plasma medicine–11:08
femtosecond lasers–13:03
molecular imaging biosurgery–13:41
hyperspectral ana

Keyword(s): 3-D printing, angiogenesis, antibiotic resistance, Barretts esophagus, bio-photonics, bleeding, blood vessel, bx forcep, cm, coagulation, console, Department of Defense, directed-energy surgery, disruptive visions, dx, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic spectrum, energy manipulation, energy spectrum, energy-directed instrumentation, enhanced human performance, femtosecond lasers, gamma rays, genes, genetics, grasper, HIFU, hyperspectral analysis, imagery analysis, imaging, infection, information age, intelligent instruments, intelligent systems, internal iliac, kidney transplantation, laceration, laser, lasers, low level light therapy, macroscale, MEMS, metabolics, meters, microns, molecular imaging biosurgery, molecular level, ms, multidisciplinary, nanometers, near infrared radar, non-invasive, plasma medicine, proteomics, RNS, robot, robotics, robots, smart surgical tools, stereo-lithography, sterilization, teraherz imaging, therapy, tissue, UV, workstation, wound healing, xrays

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