Technical Modifications/Endpoints of Dissection


Presented by David Earle, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Per Oral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM)

where do we begin?–40 sec
anterior or posterior?–2:10
where do we end?–3:43
video clip–4:34
technical modifications–6:46
options for creating submucosal tunnel–7:54

Keyword(s): absorbable, achalasia, actual measurement, animal, anterior, aorta, aortic arch, balloon dissector, bleeding, blue dye, Botox, bx forcep, chest pain, CMC gel, coagulate, cut, cutting, determine length, dilation, disorganized muscle fibers, dissection, dissection balloon, distal LES, dysphagia, Eckhardt score, endpoints, ESD, fibers, food additives, heart, high pressure water jet, hole, hook knife, hx of tx, hybrid knife, identify anatomic landmarks, identify pt goals, inadvertant myotomy, inflammation, injection needle, injection of fluid, intriguing concept, lab, large vessels, lesser curve, long myotomy, longitudinal outer layer, market, measure, narrow tunnel, omnidirectional, options, orient scope, parameters, per-hilar fat, POEM, posterior, preop eval, psi, referred, report, retroflex, scope lumen, sling fibers, spine, stomach, submucosal tunnel, technical modifications, TT knife, unidirectional, wide tunnel, Z line

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