TAMIS/TEM for benign disease: Submucosal dissection and beyond


Presented by Teresa C deBeche-Adams at the PG Course: Getting Behind Advances in Colorectal Surgery during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

Keyword(s): adenoma, anal verge, benign disease, bleeding, Bovie, C. diff, CHF, colon polyps, colonoscope, complications, conscious sedation, COPD, CRS surgeon, defect, EMR, en bloc, ESD, EUS, fecal incontinence, fellow, full thickness excision, GA, general surgeon, incidental carcinoma, learning curve, malignant, margin, morbidity, partial thickness excision, perf, peritoneal entry, peritoneal perf, pneumoperitoneum, pneumrectum, preop eval, prone, pt selection, rectal lesion, rectum, recurrence, reoperation, resection, RVF, scrotal emphysema, single site port, specimen, stricture, submucosal dissection, TAMIS, TEM, transanal excision, UTI

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