Single Incision Right Hemicolectomy


Single incision right colectomy using startdard laparoscopic instruments

Keyword(s): right hemicolectomy, SILS port, wound protector

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    Hani Haider on Oct 13, 2010
    It doesn't look easy. I'm not sure it is worth it.
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    Andrew Eppstein on Oct 13, 2010
    Nice video demonstrating a medial-to-lateral approach for a laparoscopic right colectomy using standard instruments through a single-incision port. Additional information I think would be helpful with this video include information on changes in patient positioning during the case which would help with gravity retraction. Otherwise, this video makes an operation that is technically a little more challenging than a standard lap right colon look easy.
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    Peter Lydon on Oct 13, 2010
    a good video but the optics are not very good.
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    Thomas Eustis on Oct 13, 2010
    Nice. I wonder if it is easier to do medial to lateral with a SILS technique vs lateral to medial, or first elevating the mesocolon from below the TI. And, how long was the operative time?
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    Sanoop Zachariah on Oct 17, 2010
    A good video demonstrating SILS right hemicolectomy.This would definitely encourage more surgeons to start performing such procedures.The video is good ,but the optics could have been better.All in all a good demonstration.

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