Single Incision Laparoscopic Low Anterior Resection combined with Natural Orifice Surgery


Single Incision Laparoscopic Low Anterior Resection combined with Natural Orifice Surgery using prolapsing technique

Presented by Goutaro Katsuno at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Concurrent session SS3 Video 2

Goutaro Katsuno, MD, PhD, Masaki Fukunaga, MD, PhD, Yoshifumi Lee, MD, PhD, Kunihiko Nagakari, MD, PhD, Masahiko Sugano, MD, PhD, Masaru Suda, MD, PhD, Yoshito Iida, MD, PhD, Seiichirou Yoshikawa, MD, PhD, Masakazu Ouchi, MD, PhD, Yoshitomo Itou, MD, PhD, Yoshinori Hirasaki, MD, PhD, Daisuke Azuma, MD, Shintaro Kohama, MD, Jun Nomoto, MD; Department of Surgery, Juntendo Urayasu Hospital, Juntendo University

Points of interest:
introduction–23 sec
procedure begins–1:00
surgical outcomes–5:35

Keyword(s): access platform, anastomosis, anastomotic leakage, anus, bleeding volume, blunt dissection, BMI, complications, conversion to open, cosmetic advantage, diagnosis, direct vision, distal rectum, divide the mesentery, divided, double stapling technique, endoscopic linear stapler, energy device, exposed, extracorporeally, female, flexible laparoscopic stapler, forceps, graspers, grasping forceps, harvested lymph nodes, hospital stay, identifying, inserted, intra-op complications, intracorporeally, inversion, LAC, landmark, laparoscopic view, left colic mesentery, lower rectum, medial to lateral approach, mesorectum, mobilized, natural orifice surgery, NOSE, operating time, operation time, oral feeding, plexus, post-op complications, preserving, prolapsing technique, proximal and distal surgical margin, proximal bowel, rectal cancer, rectal stump, rectal washout, rectum, reinforce, reinforced, retroperitoneum, safely, sharp dissection, sigmoid colon, SILAR, single port surgery, staple line, stitches, successful, surgical devices, surgical outcomes, technically difficult, technique, transanally, transected, uneventful, working space

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