SAGES Webinar – PART 3: Endoscopic Management of Postbariatric Surgery Patients


Chair: Keith Gersin, MD
Faculty: Stacy Brethauer, MD; Timothy Kuwada, MD; Dimitrios Stefanidis, MD, and Ranjan Sudan, MD

Bariatric emergencies for the non-bariatric surgeon by Dr. Dimitrios Stefanidis–5:05
early post-op complications–6:11
anastomotic leak–8:53

Keyword(s): 15 mm trocar, abdominal pain, abnormal, abscess, acute bowel obstruction, acute leaks, anastomic ulcers, anastomotic leak, antrum, aspirin, associate professor of surgery, bag, bariatric emergencies, Barretts ablation, Barretts esophagus, Bougies, candidate, cardiac events, Carolinas Simulation Center, chair, clinical problem, clinical suspicion, complication, contraindication, CT, defect, desufflation, detection, dilate, direct injury, disruption rate, distress, drain amylase, DVT, early post-op complications, endoluminal bleeding, endoscope, endoscopic management of postbariatric surgery pts, esophagectomy, extraction time, extraluminal bleeding, faculty, fascia, fever, gastroscope, GEJ, general surgeon, GJ leak, health benefits, Heparin, high grade dysplasia, incision, incisional infection, infection rate, intact stomach, intra-abdominal infection, ischemia, ischemic, JJ leak, Kelly clamp, lap chole, laparoscopy, late leaks, leak rate, leukocytosis, Lovenox, non-bariatric surgeon, obese pts, oliguria, Olympus pediatric 38 Fr colonoscope, PE, percutaneous drain, perf ulcer, pneumonia, post-op CT, procedural duration, prophylaxis, radiologist, re-op, RF, risk factor, RYGB, SB dilatation, SB insufflation, SCIP measure, sense of doom, SG, short gastrics, sizing, sleeve, spillage rate, spleen, spontaneous thrombosis, staple line, staple misfire, steroids, stomach, superior pole, surgical director, tachycardia, tension, UGI, well demarcated, working space, wound infection

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