SAGES Webinar – PART 2: Endoscopic Management of Postbariatric Surgery Patients


Chair: Keith Gersin, MD
Faculty: Stacy Brethauer, MD; Timothy Kuwada, MD; Dimitrios Stefanidis, MD, and Ranjan Sudan, MD

SG tips & tricks by Dr. Timothy S Kuwada–4:45
pre-op considerations–10:41
key steps–11:43
citation–12:35 ht

Keyword(s): 10 mm flat JP, 11 mm trocar, 15 mm trocar, 5 mm subcostal trocar, abdominal access, access, adhesions, anastomosis, anesthesia, angle of His, angularis, anti-colic bypass, anti-gastric bypass, anticolic Roux, antireflux procedure, antral firing, antrum, appropriate expectations, approximating, assistant, background, bagless, band, bariatric procedure, bariatric surgeons, Barretts esophagus, best practice guidelines, biliary limb, Bio Mesh, bite, black load, bleeding, bod, Bougie, bowel, BP, burn, bypass, calibrating the sleeve, calibration size, calibration tube, camera trocar, chair, chronic NSAID use, chronic proximal stomach dilatation, chronic ulcer, circumferential hiatal dissection, cirumferential dissection, clear liquids, common channel, common enterotomy, complications, consent, contraindications, controversial, d/c home, Davol, Debakey, delayed presentation, demand, diamter, diaphragm, dissection, distal esophagus, distal stomach, divide, division, double staple technique, drain amylase, drain removal, duodenal carcinoid, duodenal mucosa abnormalities, duodenum, EEA stapler, EEA technique, efficacy, endoscope, endoscopic management of postbariatric surgery, Enseal, esophagectomy, esophagus, Ethicon Echelon stapler, expert surgeons, faculty, fascial dilation, fascial incision, female pt, figure of 8 permanent suture, firing, flush, fundic, fundus, gastroepiploic vessel, gastroparesis, GE fat pad, GEJ, GERD, GI metaplasia, gold load, greater curve mobilization, green load, hand suture technique, Harmonic scalpel, hemostasis, hernia program, hernia risk, hiatal evaluation, hiatal hernia, hiatal laxity, hiatus, high risk, indications, insurance coverage, International Sleeve Gastrectomy Expert Panel Consensus Statement, intestinal metaplasia, invasive, jejunum, JJ, kinking, laparoscopic procedure, leak, leak test, learning curve, left crus, left crus dissection, lesser sac, lifestyle changes, Ligasure, ligate, lighted endoscope, linear cutter technique, liquid diet, lit, liver mass, liver retractor, long-term data, long-term morbidity, long-term surveillance, low calorie diet, male pt, measure, measuring device, Medicare, mesenteric closure, mesenteric defect, mesentery, misfire, mobilize, narrow, Nathanson subxiphoid retractor, Nissan fundoplication, oozing, operating surgeon, optics, outcomes, pain, pancreas, periop issues, Petersens defect, plane, posterior attachments, posterior cruroplasty, posterior wall, pouch, pre-op considerations, preop weight loss, present, pressure head, prohibitive adhesions, pt preference, pylorus, redundancy, redundant posterior fundus, remnant, restrictive procedures, retraction, retractor, retrocolic, risk of stricture, routine UGI, Roux limb, safest, satisfaction, selection bias, SG, short gastrics, sizing tube, sleeve, sleeve pexy, speaker, specimen extraction, specimen removal, spleen, standard of care, staple closure, staple crotch, staple debris, staple height, staple line leak, staple line reinforcement, staplers, stapling, stitch, stomach, subxiphoid incision, suction, supine, Surgery for Obesity & Related Diseases, suture, suture close, technical challenging, technical tips & tricks, tension, tips, transverse colon, trend, trocar configuration, twisting, twisting sleeve, type I hiatal hernia, UGI, ventral hernia, vertical staple line, vessel sealers, vessel sealing, W.L. Gore, weight loss, weight regain, worldwide, wound infection

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