SAGES Webinar – PART 1: Endoscopic Management of Postbariatric Surgery Patients


Chair: Keith Gersin, MD
Faculty: Stacy Brethauer, MD; Timothy Kuwada, MD; Dimitrios Stefanidis, MD, and Ranjan Sudan, MD

Tips & Tricks RYGB/EEA by Dr. Ranjan Sudan–1:24
port placement–5:06
LRYGB steps–6:48

Keyword(s): 12 mm ports, 30 cc pouch, 5 mm 0 degree scope, 5 mm 30 degree scope, 5 mm ports, abdomen, air, air insufflation, air tight, anastomosis, anesthetic process, angle of His, anvil, assistant, audible click, bag, balloon inflation, barbed absorbable suture, barbed non-absorbable suture, bariatric procedures, benefit, biliary limb, bleeding, bowel clamp, bowel ischemia, bowel resection, browser, camera port, candy cane, cauterize, chair, cinch, circular anastomosis, circular stapler, clear ports, clockwise rotation, cone, counterclockwise rotation, Covidien, creating the tunnel, Debakey grasper, Dennis clamp, detachment, dilate, dilating maneuver, direct entry, disposable cone, distal staple line, distended colon, distended SB, divide, education series, EEA, EEA 21 Orville, EEA anastomosis, EEA stapler, EEA technique, efficient, electrical device, endoscope, endoscopic leak test, endoscopic management of postbariatric surgery, endoscopy, Endostitch, enerotomy closure, enterotomy closure, equipment, esophagus, Ethicon stapler loads, events, faculty, fellows, firing, free needle, gastrohepatic ligament, gastrohepatic ligaments, Harmonic scalpel, hemostatic, hiatus, horizontal line, inflatable balloon, insufflation, insurance purposes, irrigate, JJ, landing zone, lap band, lap band sizing tube, leak test, left anterior axillary line, left colon, lesser sac, ligament of Treitz, linear cutter stapler, liver, LRYGB, measure, memory, mesenteric attachments, mesenteric closure, mesentery, methylene blue, midclavicular line, midline, mismatch, mobility, Nathanson liver retractor, NG tube, optical entry, oral deployment, orogastric portion of the Orville, Orville approach, path, peritoneum, pinpoint hole, pneumoperitoneum, port placement, pouch length, proximal bowel, remnant stomach, retrogastric tunnel, reverse Trendelenberg, right subcostal, rotate bowel, Roux limb, RYGB, SB, slippage, staple articulation, staple insertion, staple line reinforcement, stapler, stapler deployment, stapler engagement, stapler insertion, stapler jaws, stapler removal, stitch, stomach, stomach pouch, suction, suction irrigator, survey, suture technique, tan loads, tension, tips & tricks, torsion, tract, traction, trainees, transverse mesocolon, tube, tube slippage, undercut, vagal sparing, Veress needle, vessel sparing, webinar, weblink, wide enterotomy, window, wound protectors, xiphoid

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