SAGES Resident Webinar:Update on Hernia Management: What You Should Know


This webinar on hernia management has been developed specifically for residents and features four expert panelists: Brent Matthews, MD (Chair); Bruce Ramshaw, MD;William Cobb, MD; and Alfredo Carbonell, DO

Keyword(s): abdominal defect, abdominal surgery, abdominal wall defects, abdominal wall stiffness, acute hernia emergency, adhesiolysis, alloplastic, Bard Composix, Bassini repair, biocompatibility, biomaterial, biomaterials, bladder injury, bowel resection, bridging fibrosis, chronic pain, clinical trials, collagen deposition, component separation, ECF, EHS guidelines, ejaculation, elderly, elective surgery, endoscopically assisted, enterotomy, Ethicon, evidence-based, explanted mesh, femoral hernia, fibrin glue fixation, foreign body, functional impairment, GA, Gortex, groin hernia, hernia management, hernioplasty, herniorrhaphy, IHR, ilioinguinal nerve, incarcerated ventral hernia, incisional hernia, infected mesh, inguinodynia, IPOM, Kugel patch, lap technique, laparoscopy, learning curve, Lichtenstein repair, local anesthesia, loss of abdominal domain, LVHR, LW mesh, McVay repair, mesh, mesh compression, mesh erosion, mesh fixation, mesh plug, mesh shrinkage, necrotizing fasciitis, nerve entrapment, nerve preservation, numbness, observation, op report, open ABD, open technique, orchalgia, parasthesias, parastomal hernia repair, Permacol, PHS, plug & patch, poliglecaprone, polyester mesh, polypropylene, porcine dermis, porosity, postherniotomy pain, predictive risk factors, pregnancy, Prolene hernia system, prophylactic ilioinguinal neurectomy, pt selection, PTFE, QI, rectro rectus repair, recurrence rate, recurrent hernias, reduced compliance, reoperation, scrotal hernia, sensory dysfunction, Shouldice repair, SIS mesh, smoking, sports hernia, staged management, strangulated ventral hernia, STSG, Sugarbaker technique, synthetic mesh, TAPP, TEP, tissue incorporation, transperitoneal procedure, triple neurectomy, Ultrapro, UltraPro hernia system, umbilical hernias, urinary retention, vascular prostheses, ventral incisional hernia, Vicryl mesh, Vypro, watchful waiting, wound infection

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SAGES Member Discussion

  1. Profile Photo
    James Bittner on Jan 17, 2011
    While the talks are outstanding with regard to content, the presenters' slides did not keep up with the dialogue when viewing the uploaded video.

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