SAGES Resident Webinar: Laparoscopic Management of Solid Organ: Meet the Experts


Faculty includes: Kent Kercher, MD (Chair); B. Todd Heniford, MD; David Iannitti, MD; David Sindram, MD

Keyword(s): abdominal bruit, ACTH, adrenal cortical carcinoma, adrenal mass, adrenal tumors, adrenal venous sampling, adrenalectomy, advanced lap skills, advanced laparoscopy, aldosterone, alpha blockade, aortic coarctation, argon beam coagulation, beta blockers, biochemical eval, calcium, catecholamines, chemotherapy, clip applier, Conns syndrome, Cook lap sack, cortisol, CT, CUSA, Cushing syndrome, Dexamethasone suppression test, doxazosin, en bloc resection, gold standard, H&P, hand assisted, hand port, hepatic cyst marsupialization, hybrid resection, hyperparathyroidism, hyperplasia, hypokalemia, incidentalomas, intracorporeal knot tying, intracorporeal suturing, IR, lap management, laparoscope, Ligasure, liver abscess, liver resection, liver surgery, liver transplant, lobectomy, metanephrine, minimally invasive approaches, MIS procedures, morbidly obese, MRI, nipride, non cirrhotic liver, parenchyma, phenoxybenzamine, pheochromocytoma, prednisone, primary hyperaldosteronism, refractory HTN, renin, solid organ, spironolactone, standard of care, surgical management, surgical tx, thyroid cx, US, vessel sealing devices

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