SAGES Resident Webinar: Hernia Mesh Primer: The Appropriate Use of Mesh Technology


This webinar on hernia mesh has been developed specifically for residents and features three expert panelists: Brent Matthews, MD (Chair); Yuri Novitsky, MD; Michael Rosen, MD

Differentiating the characteristics of synthetic mesh, absorbable mesh & biologics by Dr. Brent D. Matthews–6:58

Keyword(s): abdominal surgery, abdominal wall defects, abdominal wall reconstruction, acellular matrix, adhesiolysis, allografts, anatomic mesh, Bard Composix, biocompatibility, biologic mesh, biologics, bowel resection, burst pressure, C-Qur mesh, component separation, Cook Surgisis, Covidien Parietex mesh, crosslinked tissue grafts, Dual mesh, enterotomy, Ethicon Ultrapro, FBR, Gore Bio-A tissue reinforcement, groin pain, IHR, incisional hernia repair, Kugal Composix mesh, Lichtenstein repair, LifeCell, LW mesh, marlex mesh, materials management, mesh plugs, monofilament, onlay, PHS, Physio mesh, polyester, polypropylene, Proceed mesh, Prolene mesh, Prolite mesh, PTFE, RICH study, scrotal hernia, self-gripping mesh, Sepramesh, smoking cessation, soft mesh, Stoppa repair, sublay, Sugarbaker technique, synthetic mesh, TEP, umbilical hernia, VHR, weight loss, xenografts

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