Role of Image Guidance in GI Surgery


Presented by Silvana Perretta at the Panel: The Future is Now – How Technology is Changing Surgery during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

Keyword(s): 3D virtual image, anastomosis, AR, avatar, biliary inury, cholangiography, confocal endomicroscopy, CT, cyber surgery, education, esophagectomy, fluorescence guided surgery, fluorescence-based enhanced reality, function preserving surgery, gastrectomy, GI surgery, hologram, HRM, ICG, image guidance, image guided surgery, impedance, in vivo histology, innovation, intestinal ischemia, iPad, leak, liver surgery, LN retrieval, lymphography, NIR imaging, organ sparing surgery, personalized surgery, POEM, research, simulation, sphincter preservation, stricture, tissue perfusion, UGI surgeon, US, VR

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