Robotically Assisted Single Site Sacrocolpopexy


Presented by Nancy Tang at the SS06-B: Thursday Exhibit Hall Video Presentations 2 Session – B during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

Keyword(s): 24 pH study, ABD, adhesiolysis, adhesions, alimentary limb, BMI, Bougie, conversion, crus, da Vinci, DeMeester score, diaphragm, dysphagia, Endo GIA, enterotomy, esophageal manometry, esophagus, fundus, gastric pouch, gastrotomy, GJ, heartburn, JJ, ligament of Treitz, LUQ, Nathanson liver retractor, NF takedown, OGT, omentum, optical trocar, penrose drain, Petersens space, regurgitation, robotic-assisted recurrent HHR, RYGB, SEAMGUARD, small bowel, split leg, stomach, supine, UE, V-Loc suture, vessel sealing device, wrap

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