Real Time Intra-Operative Endoscopic Fluorescence Imaging for Evaluation of Bowel Perfusion


Presented by Francisco Quinteros, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Concurrent Session SS1 MIS/Solid Organ

case study–30 sec
CT scan–36 sec
colonoscopic view–49 sec
procedure begins–1:38
endoluminal inspection–2:35

Keyword(s): ABD, abdominal pain, activated, anastomosis, area of primary concern, balloon inflation, bowel lumen, bowel perf, bright red blood, clincal concerns, colon, colonoscopic view, CT, descending colon, divided, endoluminal inspection, endoluminal mucosal evaluation, endoluminally, endoscopic fluorescence imaging, endoscopist, endoscopy, endoscopy follow-up, evaluate, evaluation, external view, female, friable, green fluorescence mode, half-life, hepatic metabolism, home O2 dependent, IC-GREEN dye 25 mg kit, infused, inserted, insufflate, intra-op, intraop identification, ischemic changes, ischemic colitis, laparoscope, laparoscopic fluorescence imaging technique, laparoscopic view, liver, lower GI hemorrhage, mobilize splenic flexure, monochromatic view, necrosis, oxygen dependence, patient hx, perfusion, persistent ischemic changes, polyp, prefiring of stapler, real time, rectum, regular mode, resect, resection, risk factors, routine, scan, severe COPD, sigmoid colon, specimen, splenic flexure, staple line, tattoo, telescope, thickening of left colon, tight seal, tracer, transient ischemia, trocar, uneventful postop course, uptake, viable, villous adenoma, white light mode, wound protector

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