Pitfalls Including Difficult Closures


Presented by Kevin Reavis, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Per Oral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM)

disclosures–13 sec
acknowledgements–16 sec
overview–32 sec
mucosotomy/cap/bleed video–50 sec
full thickness exposure video–5:10
CO2 issues–7:42
edematous mucosa–8:44
wide mucosotomy–9:4

Keyword(s): ABD, anesthesiologist, applications, areolar tissue, backside, backtable, balloon, biliary balloon, biliary extraction balloon, bleeding, Boston Scientific, capnomediastinum, capnoperitoneum, cauterized, cautery, challenging procedures, cinch, circular fibers, clinical and research fellows, clinically, CO2 issues, coagulation, consultant, contained aspect of contrast, Decadron, decompress, diameter mismatch, difficult closures, dissection cap, dissection plane, distal, Dobhoff tube, edamatous closure, edema, edematous mucosa, epi, esophageal wall, esophagus, figure of eight suture, forceps, friable, full thickness exposure, gastric distention, geometric pain, glue, granulation tissue, hemostatic, hold pressure, hot bx forceps, identify, inadvertant mucosotomy, inflate, initial aspect, intervene, leak, liquids, lost cap, maintain closure, mediastinal fat, mucosal clips, mucosal ledge, mucosal lift, mucosal tunnel, muscle apposition, necrosis, needle hole, NPO, occlude, open case, OTSC, overstitch suturing device, pediatric feeding tube, perf, pericardium, pin, pitfalls, POEM, postop, postop diet, preemptive steroid, prep, preservation, proximally, pulsatile, radial tension, rat tooth forceps, regenerate, repair, rest, retroflex view, rising C02, Roth net, scope, seals, small vessel, stent, stitch, stomach decompression, submucosal space, suturing, sweep, Swiss cheese defect, tamponade, tangential angle, tattoo, tension, tincture of time, tip, tissue issue, tissue purchase, tunnel, umbilicus, Veress needle, video recording and editing, wide closure

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