Overview of the SAGES SMART Program


Title: Overview of the SAGES SMART Program

Presenter: Liane Feldman, MD

Session: Postgraduate Course: SAGES SMART – Incorporating the Latest in Enhanced Recovery into your Gastrointestinal Surgery Program

SAGES 2016

Keyword(s): anesthesiology, aspiration, AWR, bariatric surgery, bowel pathway, care plan, colon resection, CR, CR surgery, discharge, education, EJ, ERAS, ERP, esophagectomy, fasting, GA, GI surgery, guidelines, HPB, laparoscopy, librarian, local anesthetic, LOS, MIS, mobilization, multidisciplinary approach, NGT, NPO, NSQIP, nursing, nutrition, ortho, physiotherapy, pt ed, QI, risk management, SMART, stakeholders, stress response, technology, thoracic surgery, UGI surgery, urology

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