Optimizing Outcomes in Rectal Cancer – Discussion Part 2


Presented by Steven D. Wexner, MD and Eric Rullier, MD at the SAGES 2013 Annual Meeting; SAGES/ISLCRS/ASCRS Symposium – Optimizing Outcomes in Rectal Cancer

Keyword(s): 5mm port, abscess, ABX, acellular mucin, ASCRS, bacteremia, cecum, chemoradiation, coloanal J-pouch, defect, end-to-side anastomosis, fever, fibrin glue, fistula, full thickness, hand-sewn anastomosis, Harmonic scalpel, hemorrhoid, histology, ileocecal interposition, IMV, insufflation, intersphinteric, intraperitoneal, irradiated pt, irradiated tissue, ISLCRS, local excision, Lone Star, lumen, margin, Martin arm, mesentery, mesorectum, mobilization, neoadjuvant, node positivity, Norwegian trial, NOTES TEM, observation, Parma, Italy, pathology, pelvic peritoneum, pitfalls, posterior cavity, postop RT, prerequisite skills, radiation, radical resection, reconstruction, rectal cx, rectal mucosa, rectal sponge, rectal wall, rectum, recurrence, side-to-end coloanal anastomosis, SILS, splenic flexure, straight coloanal, Surgical Endoscopy, suture line, T1 cx, T2 lesion, TATA, TEM, TEM instrumentation, transanal excision, tumor bed, tumor cells, wound dehiscence

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