NOTES® in 2020: Yoav Mintz, M.D.


NOTES® Symposium – Alive and Well or RIP?

Keyword(s): colon cx, EMR, endoluminal fundoplication, endoscopic resection, fluoroescein tumor imaging, gene therapy, IBD, ICG, infra red, laparoscopy, laser soldering, laser tissue welding, local drug delivery, MAGS, MIS, multispectral MIS, NOTES, oncogenes, organ preserving surgery, regional nodal staging, segmental resection, siRNA, SNL bx, spatial orientation, surgical innovation, surgical technology, technology, vessel mapping, WaveGuides

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    SAGES Webmaster on Sep 27, 2010
    This video was accepted for presentation at the 2010 SAGES Scientific Session via a peer-review process

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