Managing CBD stones in patients with altered Anatomy


Presented by Nabil Tariq, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; CBD Stones Post Graduate Course

outline–29 sec
options for CBD access–42 sec
challenges in endoscopic access of biliary tree in altered anatomy–1:25
altered anatomy–20:11
transgastric ERCP–3:42

Keyword(s): 12 mm trocar, 15 mm trocar, 2nd trimester, 3rd trimester, abscess, access, adhesions, afferent limb, altered anatomy, American Surgeon, anchoring sutures, anesthesia, angulations, antegrade, assistant, atypical approach, balloon enteroscopy, balloon enteroscopy-assisted, bariatric surgeon, bariatric surgery, beam collimation, bile acid secretion, bile aspiration, bile duct, bile duct cannulation, bile peritonitis, biliary complications, biliary orifice, biliary tract, biliary tree, Bilroth I, Bilroth II, bites, bleeding rate, booms, Bovie, bowel distention, BPD, BPD/DS, BPL, C-arm, cables, camera, cannulation, cap assisted, Cardiovascular Interventional Radiology, Carter Thompson, case series, category C, category D, CBD perf, CBD stones, challenges, cholangioscopy, cholangitis, cholecystectomy, choledocholithiasis, choledocoscopy, cholelithiasis, cholesterol secretion, clamp, CO2 insufflation, combination procedures, comparative study, complication rates, contractility, contrast, conventional access, Current Gastroenterology Reports, database, DB ERCP, deep enteroscopy, diazepam, digital acquisition imaging, diverticulum, DOSE exposure, double balloon enteroscopy, drainage, duodenal perf, duodenoscope, duodenoscopes, dx, efficacy, elective abdominal procedure, elevator, endo insufflator, endoscope, endoscopic, endoscopic approach, endoscopic methods, endoscopists, Endoscopy, endoscopy equipment, enteroscopic management, ERCP, estrogen, EUS access, EUS CDS, EUS guided EUS guided CBD access, EUS guided transhepatic, EUS HGS, exposure, Fentanyl, fetal radiation, fetus, first trimester, fluoro, fluoroscopy, footboard, forward-viewing endoscope, G-scope, G-tube, GA, gastrectomy, gastric outlet obstruction, gastroenterologist, gastroscope, gastrostomy site infections, gastrostomy site leaks, gastrotomy, gestation, GI endoscopy, GI Endoscopy Clinics of North America, GJ, greater curve, growth retardation, Harmonic scalpel, hematoma, hepatic artery injury, hepaticogastrostomy, hormones, image receptor, incidence, infant death, inflamed, internal hernia, intervention, interventional radiologists, intestinal folds, lap insufflator, lap skills, lap TG endoscopy, lap US, laparoscopy equipment, laparoscopy-assisted, laparoscopy-assisted ERCP, late spontaneous abortions, LCBDE, lead shielding, ligament of Treitz, limb length, lit review, liver transplant, looping, lumen, LUQ, maneuverability, maternal risks, meperidine, midazolam, MIS, modalities, monitors, motorized spiral enteroscope, mrad, MRCP, multibending G-scope, multivariate analysis, Nature Reviews. GI & Hepatology, needle-knife sphincterotomy, Obesity Surgery, open surgery, open transductal CDE, OR configuration, pancreaticoduodenectomy, pancreatitis, papilla, papillary cannulation, perc stent assisted ERCP, perc TG rendezvous, perc transgallbladder rendezvous, perc transhepatic removal, percutaneous, perf rate, PG course, PMI device, port positions, PP, pregnancy, progesterone, Propofol, pseudoaneurysm, pt characteristics, published, pursestring, push enteroscopy, pylorus, radiation dose, radiation exposure risks, radiopaque clip, randomized trial, recurrent symptoms, remnant, rendezvous technique, repeat access, results, retrograde, retroperitoneal perf, rigid sigmoidoscope, RNY reconstruction, routine cholcystectomy, Roux limb, RYGB, safety, Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, scatter radiation, scope manipulation, scopes, screen, sedation, seromuscular, serosal tear, setup, SG, side-viewing duodenoscope, sludge, snare, specialized equipment, sphincter tones, spillage, spiral enteroscopy, spiral rotational overtube, staple, stent, stomach, stone, subcapsular biloma, success rate, success rates, surgeon preference, Surgical Endoscopy, surgically altered anatomy, suture passer, sutures, symptomatic, tattoos, tertiary care center, TG endoscopies, TG ERCP, tract maturation, traction, traction sutures, trancystic, trans jejunal ERCP, transabdominal, transcystic catheter, transductal, transgastric enteroscopy, transgastric ERCP, transgastric pouch, transjejunal enteroscopy, tuck, two stage, U.S., univariate, US, uterus, voluntary abortion, weight loss, wire, wire access, working channels, working ports

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