Managing Bariatric Surgery Emergencies for the non-Bariatric Surgeon: Dysphagia and Food Intolerance


Benjamin Schneider, M.D.

disclosures–56 sec
initial considerations–2:03
weight loss procedures–4:44
acute stomal obstruction–9:51
anastomotic stricture-

Keyword(s): anastomotic stricture, aspiration, balloon dilation, band erosion, band stenosis, barium study, Carafate, contrast studies, differential dx, dumping syndrome, dysphagia, EEA stapler, endosocopy, fluoroscopy, food impaction, food intolerance, gastric fistula, gastrogastrostomy, GG fistula, glucose, Graham patch, Huber needle, LAGB, linear stapler, LR, marginal ulcers, Marlex mesh, mesh erosion, NGT, NSAIDs, op note, outlet obstruction, PPI, prolapse, readmission, reflux, RYGB, SG, stomal obstruction, stricturoplasty, thiamine deficiency, UGI, ulcer, VBG

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