Laparoscopic total proctocolectomy and standard ileostomy


Laparoscopic Surgery for Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Technical Issues

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Points of interest:
Indications for surgery–14 sec
procedural section of video begins–9:15

Keyword(s): 10 mm port, areolar plane, avascular plane, benign disease, BMI 24, Brooke ileostomy, clip, colitis, contralateral port, countertraction, Crohns disease, duodenum, endoloop, ENSEAL, FAP, fecal incontinence, gastrocolic omentum, Harmonic Scapel, hemostasis, hepatic flexure, ileoanal reservoir, ileocolic resection, ileocolic vessel, ileus, IMA, incisionless proctectomy, intersphincteric plane, intersphincteric proctectomy, intracorporeally, IP, laparoscopic APR, laparotomy, Ligasure, line of Toldt, LTAC, LTPC, mesorectum, MUC, perianal disease, perineal dissection, periumbilical port, pouch, presacral space, proctectomy, proctitis, proximal ligation, rate of non-healing, rectosigmoid junction, right hand mobilization, SMA, sound, stoma site, TAC, transperineal incision, transperitoneal colonic J-pouch, transvaginal retraction, transverse mesocolon, uterus, vascular load

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