Laparoscopic Repair of Paracolostomy Hernia


Authors: K Gillian

Keyword(s): colostomy, internal hernia, lap repair, mesh, paracolostomy hernia

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George Kevin Gillian
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    Thomas Eustis on Feb 15, 2011
    Impressive suturing of the anterior abdominal wall. I did not hear anything about the long term recurrence rate. Given that it is not a tension free repair, I suspect a high recurrence rate. It was interesting that he made the point to avoid mesh. I don't recall if biologic mesh available was in 1999. The use of biologic mesh seems like an attractive option to me now. I look forward to additional comments.
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    Stanton Smith on Feb 15, 2011
    Slick suturing indeed. The auto- reduction during insufflation was neat to watch. I too wonder if a biologic graft would have been nice to add (if had access to in '99). Did the authors have a size criteria for there repair using this technique? Thanks. --STS
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    Augustine Ibarrola on Oct 9, 2012
    nice, simple repair, but unlikly to last. An update in recurrence rate would be interesting to see

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