Laparoscopic Management of Fistula and Abscess


Presented by Tonia M. Young-Fadok, MD at the SAGES 2013 Annual Meeting; SAGES/ISLCRS Panel: Colorectal Potpourri

fistula & abscess review–28 sec
fistula management–1:34
abscess management–2:54
surgical approach–3:30
case study #1–4:36
colovesical fistula video-5:25
preop CT scans–10:42
case stud

Keyword(s): 5 mm port, abdominal cavity, abdominal pain, abdominal wall, ABX, anastomosis, ascending colon, bladder, bleeding, case study, CD, cecal polypoid mass, colenteric fistula, colocolonic fistula, colonoscopy, colovaginal fistula, colovesical fistula, contamination, CR potpourri, Crohns disease, CT, cystogram, descending colon, diarrhea, diverticular disease, diverticulitis, drainage catheter, enterocutaneous fistula, fallopian tube, female, fistula tract, Foley catheter, hematuria, hemostasis, hepatic flexure, HPI, hydrosalpinx, ileocolic resection, imaging, inflammation, interloop abscess, IR, ISLCRS, lap management, leak, lymphoid follicles, male, medical management, mesentery, mesorectum, methylene blue, MR, multi loculated abscess, obstructive symptoms, ovary, pathonomonic, PE, pelvic abscess, pelvis, perc drain, perirectal abscess, perisigmoid abscess, phlegmon, pneumaturia, posterior rectus fascia, Prednisone, pt safety, pus, rectum, rectus sheath, retractor, RLQ, saline, SB, segmental colitis, sigmoid colon, sigmoid resection, sinogram, specimen, splenic flexure, staple, subclinical attack, suction, suction drainage, superior rectal pedicle, supraumbilical 10 mm port, surgical management, surgical resection, takedown, tension, terminal ileum, threshold for conversion, tinea, tissue planes, ureter injury, ureteral stents, UTIs, vaginal drainage, vessel sealing device, weight loss

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