Laparoscopic Collis Nissen Fundoplication


Authors: Ermanno Ancona; Giovanni Zaninotto; Mario Costantini; Francesca Buin

Keyword(s): antireflux procedure, barium swallow, BE, Collis nissen fundoplication, dysphagia, endoscopic dilatation, endoscopy, esophageal lengthening procedure, esophageal manometry, esophageal stricture, GERD, heartburn, intestinal metaplasia, lap approach, pH monitoring, sliding HH

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    Thomas Eustis on Jul 18, 2010
    Excellent video and narration. Very nice technique for the Collis. I am unclear if the decision to do the Collis was based on the preoperative or intraoperative findings. It appeared that during the Nissen fundoplication portion, both the anterior and posterior walls of the freed portion of the fundus (by the Collis) were wrapped behind the esophagus and sutured to a more inferior part of the anterior gastric wall. This is in contrast to pulling the posterior fundic wall posterior to the esophagus (left to right), and the anterior fundic wall anterior to the esophagus. Nevertheless, this patient appeared to have a fantastic outcome. Thank you for sharing this video with us!
  2. Profile Photo
    Daniel Scott on Jan 7, 2011
    Interesting that crural closure is not shown or discussed.

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