Is fistulous disease a contraindication to laparoscopic resection?


Laparoscopic Surgery for Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Technical Issues

Points of interest:
Fistulous disease–24 sec
Citation references–1:08 (add this link to citation–
radiograph of small bowel with fistulae–4:45
Crohn’s disease complications–4:17
colo-duodenal fistula video procedure–5:49
ileo-vesical fistula video procedure–6:58
ileo-sigmoid fistula video procedure–8:21
answer to question posed in title–10:12

Keyword(s): 5 cm incision, abdominal wall, active disease, approachable, assistant, atraumatic instruments, bladder, blind punctures, bowel, bowel narrowing, C. Diff, Cleveland Clinic, colo-duodenal fistula, colo-vesical fistula, complications, contraindication, conversion rate, counter-traction, Crohns disease, CT scans, diseased coloon, diseased ileum, diseased portion, diseased segment, dissection, distal, double resection, dry, electrocautery cable, energy source, entero-abd wall fistula, entero-entero fistula, entry point, expertise, factors, feasability, fexible sigmoidoscopy, fistulae, fistulas, fistulization, fistulous disease, generalized peritonitis, generous incision, graspers, hands, Hasson, higher morbidity, hole, IBD, identifying anatomical planes, ileo-ovarian cyst fistula, ileo-sigmoid fistula, ileo-vesical fistula, iliacs, immunosuppressants, intestinal leak, intestinal surgery, intracorporeally, jejuno-colic fistula, jejuno-transverse fistula, John Hopkins, lack of wound problems, laparoscope, laparoscopic ileocecal resection, laparoscopic resection, laparoscopic surgery, laparoscopically assisted intestinal resection, light, LUQ, major risk factor for conversion, management of IBD, mobilize, multiple incisions, multiple operations, narrowing the bowel, obese, obliterated, optical viewing trocar, organ, origination point, pelvis, perforation, phlegmon, pneumoperitoneum, pointed scissors, post-op bleed, post-op recovery, predict, preoperative diagnosis, previous surgery, prospective study, proximal, radiograph of small bowel, reusable instruments, RUQ, SB resection, SBO, scar, separate, sharp dissection, sigmoid, small bowl series, spill of intestinal contents, staplers, steroids, straightforward, technology, tissue planes, transmural inflammation, trigone, ureter, UTI, wound infection

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