The “Informed Consent” Process


Presented by Lelan Sillin, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Symposium: Ethics of Innovation

surgical innovation–41 sec
informed consent process–5:03
decisional capacity–6:38
tx vs research–8:17

Keyword(s): ad-hoc development, adverse effects, alternative tx, assualt, autonomy, battery, Belmont Report, beneficence, breach of contract, Canterbury vs Spence, case law, communication skills, competence, comprehension, criminal offense, cultural differences, damages, death, deception, decisional capacity, deliberation, disability, disclosure, dissemination of knowledge, dx, educational aids, ethical research, ethics, generalizable knowledge, Helsinki declaration, human subject research, informed consent, innovation, integrity, intellect, IRB review, JACS, justice, Justice Cardoza, legal determination, liability, limitations, material risks, medical lit, modifications, Natason vs Kline, needs assessment, negligence, NEJM, new technique, non-exploitation, non-tx, Nuremberg Code, outcomes, participation, permission, probability of success, prognosis, pt decision, questionnaire, reasonable expectation, recommended therapy, recuperation, religious differences, research project, research subjects, respect, responsibility, retrospective, risks vs benefits, Schloendorff vs Society of NY Hospital, Slater vs Baker & Stapleton, society, standard of care, standard of practice, surgeons discretion, survey, SUS, systematic investigation, Truman vs Thomas, trust, tx recommendations, U.K., understanding, variations, voluntary, vulnerable, vulnerable persons, wax & wane, withdrawal, World Medical Organization

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