Presented by Steven D Schwaitzberg at the PG Course: Introduction to the SAGES University Masters Program – Assuring Competency From the Get-Go during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

Keyword(s): 3D mesh, ABX, ACS, adhesions, anatomy, appy, balloon port, bleeding, bowel obstruction, C02, camera, competency, complications, conversion, Coopers ligament, countertraction, direct hernia, elderly, electrosurgery, emphysema, enhanced recovery, epigastric vessels, female, femoral artery, femoral hernia, femoral vein, fixation, GB, GFN, glue, groin, hernia sac, ilioinguinal nerve, iliopectineal line, incarcerated hernia, indirect hernia, inguinal canal, inspection, internal ring, IPOM, keyhole mesh, laparoscope, laparotomy, learning curve, Lichtenstein repair, LIHR, LOS, LS, LWM, male, McVay repair, mesh, midline, MIS, nerve pain, NSQIP, OA, octogenarian, omentum, onlay, open surgery, pain, peritoneal tear, peritoneum, pneumo, POP, port site hernia, primary repair, proficiency, prostatectomy, pt selection, QOL, readmission, recovery room, rectus, recurrent hernia, residents, Richter hernia, robot, round ligament, SAGES Masters University, scrotum, seroma, simulation, skills, spermatic cord, staples, tacker, tacks, TAPP, TEP, TFR, tissue adhesives, training, triangle of doom, triangulation, UHC, urinary retention, vas deferens, watchful waiting

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