GI-GU Fistulae after prostate surgery – a multidisciplinary approach


Presented by Mukta Krane, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Pre-operative Pelvic Surgery, Benign and Malignant – What is the Big Deal

background–17 sec
dx of RUF–2:14
imaging evaluation–3:38
sigmoidoscopy evaluation–4:03
conservative management–4:26
operative approaches–5:10
transanal approach–5:24
York-Mason transsphi

Keyword(s): ablation, ablative techniques, acute inflammatory phase, anal verge, anatomy, anesthesia, anorectal dysfunction, anorectal procedures, assistant professor, benign, bladder neck strictures, bladder pathology, bowel continuity, brachytherapy, buccal graft onlay patch, buttress, bx, cancer detection, coccyx, coloanal pull through, colon, colorectal surgery, comorbidities, complex fistula, concomitant, conservative management, cysto, cystourethrogram, deadspace, Diseases of the Colon & Rectum, do no harm, double layer anastomosis, DRE, emergency surgery, enterostomal nurses, etiology, external beam radiation, failure rate, fecal continence, fecal diversion, fecaluria, fibrotic, fistula formation, GI fistula, GU fistula, heterogeneous population, imaging evaluation, impaired wound healing, incontinence, infection, interposition graft, interposition muscle flap, ischemia, Journal of Urology, laparoscopically, lit, loop ileostomy, malignancy, malignant, microvascular injury, midline, morbidity, mucosal damage, mucosal ulceration, multidisciplinary, multimodal therapy, muscular repair, narrow pelvis, non-radiated pts, omental flap, ominous sign, operating technique, operative approaches, operative closure, palpation, parasympathetic nerves, pelvic surgery, perf, permanent diversion, persistent symptoms, plastic surgery, pneumaturia, poor tissue quality, primary repair, proctectomy, proctotomy, prostate cx, prostate surgery, pt population, QOL, radiated tissue, radiation induced, radiation induced fistula, radiation proctitis, reconstructive surgery, rectal defects, rectal dysfunction, rectal pain, rectal pathology, rectal wall, rectourethral fistulas, reoperative, RT, RUF, S&S, selective buccal mucosal onlay graft, sepsis, sigmoidoscopy, sphincter muscles, spontaneous healing, spontaneous resolution, stricture, success rates, surgical repair, surgical repair techniqes, surgically induced fistula, suture lines, sympathetic nerves, systematic review, transabdominal, transanal advancement flap, transperineal, transurethral catheter, trauma, ulcers, urethra, urethral damage, urethral defects, urethral stricture, urethral strictures, urinary continence, urinary diversion, urinary leakage, urology, vesicourethral anastomosis, viable option, York-Mason transsphincteric

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