GI Bleeding | Conditions Requiring Urgent Attention and What I Do First


Presented by Ninh T. Nguyen, MD | What Every Safe Surgeon Needs to Know About Bariatric Surgery

disclosures–34 sec
bariatric operations associated with GI hemorrhage–38 sec
types of postop hemorrhage–53 sec
bleeding after LGB–1:14 http://www.ncb

Keyword(s): AGB, algorithm, argon beam coagulator, bariatric surgery, blood transfusion, common channel, CT scan, decompression, diarrhea, DS, EGD, electrocautery, endoscopic management, endoscopy, endoscopy suite, enterotomy, epinephrine, fluid resuscitation, gastric outlet obstruction, gastric pouch, gastric remnant, GI bleeding, GI hemorrhage, GJ, Hct, hematemesis, hemodynamic instability, heparin, hypotension, internal hernia, JJ, KUB, laparoscopy, LGB, Lovenox, marginal ulceration, melena, PRBCs, PUD, rectum, reexploration, Roux limb, RYGB, SB, SBO, staple line, surgical management, tachycardia, tamponade, UGI

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