Gastro-cutaneous Fistula Treated with a Covered Stent


Authors: David Hazzan, MD; Peter Legnani, MD; Edward Chin, MD; Daniel Herron, MD, FACS

Keyword(s): covered stent, gastr-cutaneous fistula, upper endoscopy

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  1. Profile Photo
    Ifeoma Igboeli on Dec 13, 2010
    couldnt hear it well
  2. Profile Photo
    Samer Mattar on Dec 13, 2010
    This video was expertly produced. Although the educational component is slightly dated, the presentation, editing, narration, and sequence of materials presented was very well conceived and executed.
  3. Profile Photo
    John Roth on Dec 13, 2010
    This video nicely illustrates the technique for endoscopic stent placement for a leak at the GE junction. This video summarizes the technique as well as the complication of stent migration.
  4. Profile Photo
    Pankaj Garg on Dec 13, 2010
    Nice video demonstrating closure of enterocutaneous fistula by non-surgical method. However some method needs to be devised by which the stent migration could be prevented like glue application to the edges of the stent etc
  5. Profile Photo
    Amit Kaul on Dec 13, 2010
    very nice video. Wondering whether the stents could have some anchoring mechanism, to prevent migration.
  6. Profile Photo
    Peter Lydon on Dec 13, 2010
    very nice video. This is not a technique I had seen before.

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