Foregut Surgery


Presented by Nathaniel J Soper at the PG Course: Introduction to the SAGES University Masters Program – Assuring Competency From the Get-Go during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

Keyword(s): 24 hr pH, ABD, achalasia, acid reflux, anemia, antacids, antisecretory therapy, aorta, azygous vein, barium swallow, BE, belching, bile, bioprosthetics, bleeding, Botox, Bougie, Bravo capsule pH monitoring, buttress, bx, Camerons erosions, chest, chest pain, cirrhosis, CKD, CO2, Collis gastroplasty, conversion, crura, CT scan, dementia, diaphragm, diaphragmatic hiatus, Dor fundoplication, duodenum, dysphagia, dyspnea, EGD, EGJ distensibility, elderly, endoscopic management, endoscopic skills, endoscopy, EPT, ergonomics, esophageal cx, esophageal motility, esophageal motility disorders, esophageal spasms, esophagitis, esophago-gastropexy, esophagus, EST, EUS, falciform ligament, flex endoscope, FLIP, fluoroscopy, foregut surgery, fundoplication, fundus, gastric emptying, gastritis, gastroenterologists, GEJ, GERD, GES, GIST, greater curvature, H2 blockers, hapatic vein, haptic feedback, heartburn, hernia sac, HH, hiatus, hip fx, HRM, hypomagnesemia, impedance, intraabdominal, intragastric pressure, laparoscope, LARS, learning curve, lengthening procedure, LES, LESP, lesser curvature, LHM, lifestyle changes, LINX, lithotomy, liver retractor, LNF, LS, manometry, mediastinum, medical student, mesh, mesh erosion, MI, motility disorders, MRI, MSA, mucosa, mucosotomy, myotomy, N&V, NGT, obesity, osteoporosis, outpt, peds, PEHR, penrose, peristalsis, peritoneal cavity, peritoneum, phrenic vein, phrenoesophageal ligament, pledgett, pleura, plexus, pneumatic balloon, pneumatic balloon dilation, pneumo, pnuemonia, POEM, PPI, prokinetic therapy, pseudoachalasia, radiologist, reconstruction, redo, regurgitation, relaxing incision, reoperative anti-reflux surgery, resection, resident, reverse Trendelenburg, RF energy, shoeshine maneuver, short gastrics, sliding HH, sling fibers, smoking, soft diet, stapler, stomach, Stretta, stricture, TEE, tension, thoracic, TIF, TLESR, Toupet fundoplication, transversalis fascia, tumor, UGI, ulcer, ulcers, vagus nerve, varices, wedge fundectomy, wrap, Z line

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