Fire in the OR – Cause and Prevention


Presented by Pascal Fuchshuber, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – FUSE, Fire and Fiasco – OR Safety 101

Pennsylvania health care cost containment council data–25 sec
OR fires U.S.–48 sec
typical case report–50 sec
public attention skin mole excision–1:05
common causes of fires with citation–1:1

Keyword(s): 02 cannula, ACS fellows, airway, airway burn, airway gases, alcohol, alcohol based prep, anesthesia foundation, Anethesiology, arcing, ASA closed claims study, back table, blue flames, bowel injuries, burn, burning materials, capacitative coupling, catastrophies, cause, closed claims analysis, cold instruments, colleague, common causes of fires, cut, cut tracheal rings, deaths, direct coupling, disconnecting, discuss fire risk, dry before draping, electrical injuries, electrocautery, energy device, ES injuries, ESUs, ET tube, experiment, external fires, extinguish, extubation, faulty ES devices, fiasco, fiberoptic light sources, field, fire, fire inside pt, fire pilot, fire triangle, flash beneath the drapes, floor pedals, fuel, full cloth drape, FUSE, head, Hibiclens, high intensity light source, holster, igniters, ignition, ignition source, insulation defects, internal burns, key findings, lap surgery, lasers, light source, lit, LMA, low voltage, Mayo stand, minor facial surgery, Murthas death, nasal prongs, NBC Philadelphia, NBC Today show, neck, NO, O2, O2 concentration, observed, open O2 mask, open O2 source, OR fires, OR safety 101, oral procedures, Outpatient Surgery, oxidizer, Pennsylvania health care cost containment council data, permanent disability, permanent injuries, pooled alcohol-based prep, prevention, prominent case, public attention, rates of surgical fires, remove burning materials, residual heat, room air, Royal Air Force O2 fires video, screen, senator, setting, Silverstein Score, skin mole excision, small cases, spark, steel wool, sterile saline, sterile water, stop flow, stray electrical burn, surgery risks, surgical drapes, surgical operations, syringe with saline, team approach, team briefing, team training, tenting, time of injury, tracheostomy, typical case report, U.S., undetected burns, upper chest, wet sponges, what to do, wrong site surgery

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