Endoscopic Rescue of Dislodged Trans-Abdominal Decompressive Esophagostomy Tube


Endoscopic Rescue of Dislodged Trans-Abdominal Decompressive Esophagostomy Tube

Presented by Eric M Pauli, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Concurrent session SS4 Notes/Transanal

Ryan M Juza, MD, Tung T Tran, MD, Eric M Pauli, MD; Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

Points of interest:
introduction–7 sec
purpose of video–20 sec
postoperative course–45 sec
CT scan–1:52
gastroscope view–2:05
fluoroscopy view–3:26

Keyword(s): ABD, advanced, antegrade flow, approximate location, attempts, balloon deflated, blind-ending lumenal structure, case report, catheter, catheter withdrawn slightly, chronic esophageal stump leak, communicate, complete reconstructive procedure, confirmed with fluoroscopy, contrast, costal margin, Coumadin, delineated, discharged to home, discontinuity, dishcharged home, dislodged, dislodged esophagostomy tube, distal end of esophagus, distal esophagostomy tube, distally, drainage, DVT history, emergent situations, emergent total gastrectomy, encountered, endoscopic rescue, esophagostomy tract, esophagostomy wire, esophagus, examination, febrile, fever, fistulous tract, Foley catheter, friable epithelium, further management, hot biopsy forcep, inadvertently removed decompressive esophagostomy, increased drainage, INR, insertion wire, intervention, isolated full thickness gastric necrosis, jejunal feeding tube, LUQ cavity, LUQ collection, LUQ drain, LUQ fluid collection, male, management, marking end of esophagus, minimal drainage, minimal output, misdirected, monitor positioning, multisystem organ failure, neuroleptic malignant syndrome, NOTES technique, Olympus GIF-H180 gastroscope, OSH, patient history, percutaneous drain, plans for reconstruction, POD 1, Ponsky Pull method, position confirmed, post-op course, postoperative course, preop CT fistulogram, presentation, presented, proximal edge, rarely seen, recovery complicated, replace, rescue, resolved, retracted, retrograde, reversal, saliva draining, secured, silicone retention dome, small leak, snare, standard percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy kit, stapled duodenal stump, suture material, tachycardic, trans-abdominal decompressive esophagostomy tube, trans-abdominal drainage, trans-abdominally, tube clamped, tube secured, unclamped, unsuccessful, vasopressor support, well-developed fistula tract, well-documented technique, withdrew, x-ray

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