Does VR Improve OR Performance


Presented by Neal Seymour, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Emerging Frontiers in Simulation-Based Surgical Education

VR as measurement tool–41 sec
VR & assessment of training outcomes–3:20
VR skills transfer studies–7:35
citations–9:01 http://w

Keyword(s): animal tissue models, assessment of training outcomes, attending performance, benchmark level, blinding, clinical assessment, clinical OR, Cochrane reviews, competency levels, composite score, composite video score, contemporaneous, control group, correlation, cost of procedure, device development, downstream clinical outcomes, drug trial study design, educational effectiveness, educator input, electrosurgical device, evidence-based, experiment, expert surgeons, feedback, global assessment tool, GYN procedures, GYN residents, high level of evidence, in lab measurements, inanimate tasks, inconclusive evidence, iterative training, knot tying, lap chole, laparoscopic OR performance, laparoscopic skills training, learning curve, LOS, M&M, machine metrics, manipulative skills, measurement capabilities, measurement tool, mentor, meta analyses, methodological heterogeneity, motion analysis data, multi institutional studies, non-VR alternative methods, nonhuman models, novice laparoscopic surgeons, observer bias, OR performance, outliers, pathlink, performance data, platforms, randomized, randomized prospective studies, RCT, reliable, residents, risk for bias, scientific rigor, simulator limitations, simulator performance, skills transfer studies, sophisticated measurements, stable level of performance, standard training, standardization of measurement conditions, study design, study group, surgical residents, systematic reviews of evidence, technical skill level, time based curriculum, training lab, unbiased, valid, video analysis, VR, VR devices, VR flexible endoscopy, VR laparoscopic gall bladder excision time, VR laparoscopic task, VR laparoscopy, VR simulator, VR trained

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